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-------------------- a beautiful poem by Reidun Westvik Lauritzen -------------------------

We cannot fix the planet.

We cannot save the oceans.

We can only allow nature to reveal

its own innate intelligence,

logic, interconnections

and regenerative cycles,

teaching us how to

respect it as ourselves.

We are nature.

There is nothing to fix.

There is only tuning into our own nature,

systems, emotions, energy,

our common path.

By doing this,

we open up the door into our

renewed collective imaginary,

experiencing it as

freedom, thrivability and belonging.

It starts in this moment.

Not with heroes.

But with us.

You and I regenerating our own hearts,

enabling ourselves to

hold space

for friction, old and new,

the power structures falling apart,

and the emergence

of the new self

on an individual, relational, collective

and planetary level.

The regeneration is already

mirroring itself

through all the layers

of the earth, our souls and purposes.

Invite yourself to join.

Welcome ✨

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