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Rethinking Economics is an international network of students, academics and professionals
building a better economics in society and the classroom.

Rethinking Economics Antwerpen was founded in 2019.
The goal of our local group is to connect as many people as possible in Antwerp and link them with the global movement,
to discuss and enact the change needed for the future of economics, and to propel the vital debate on what economics is today.
We work towards an economy that serves humanity and all forms of life.

Emagine Center is the physical hub of Rethinking Economics Antwerpen.

RE Antwerpen logo.png

We organise numerous activities with inspiring speakers. The language is Dutch or English depending on our guests and participants.
You can follow us through various channels: Facebook  -  LinkedIn  - Youtube  - the activity calendar of Emagine Center
and by subscribing to the Emagine newsletter.


These are some of the online sessions we've hosted in the previous years:

Heb jij een activiteit die in onze intentie past? Zou jij iets willen organiseren in het Emagine Center?

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