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It has become urgent that we communicate

by Xenia Orgielewski


Me and science – it’s complicated.

I remember how I used to love science as a child.

The eagerness to understand things, the curiosity to discover yet another part of the puzzle.

Everything with numbers was fun.

And Marie Curie was my hero, a woman who gave her life for science, her passion.

And then somewhere along the way I discovered scientific dogma.

Which I befriended at first.

I said things like: “Science says that this is true, and this isn’t,

How could you, how dare you think differently?”

I was so puzzled, when hearing great scientific minds talk about spirituality and other not so tangible concepts. How was that even possible?

It took me years to understand that science as we know it is embedded in a much larger story,

The dominant story of our time,

One that sees us, humans, as separated from nature,

One that listens to economic priorities, where efficiency and quantity of publications are key,

A story that looks at the separate elements of a system, but forgets the relationships and the whole picture,

A story that looks at life from a mechanistic point of view and doesn’t dare to question whether or not what we think and perceive is real.

That insight opened my eyes to a larger reality

and allowed a less rigid mindset and a more open hart.

Maybe there’s more than what mainstream science tells us, I thought,

And maybe it’s not about who’s wrong and who’s right?

What if science is not a body of knowledge, but a process, a journey towards wisdom and wholeness?

A new kind of eagerness and curiosity entered my life.

2021. Here is scientific dogma crossing my path again,

And it is more virulent than it has ever been.

I see the dogma in the way the news is brought to us,

I hear it when people discuss the pandemic amongst themselves,

I get emotional when curious minds – some of them renowned scientists, are being ridiculed and almost criminalized, for asking questions or having another opinion.

And it so tempting for me to just do the same: to accuse and to blame.

Then I realize we’re all humans and I am no different from all those people who think they’re right.

If the dogma triggers me in the outside world, it means it still lives in me as well.

A different dogma for sure, one that’s less scientific according to present-day standards.

Then I remember David Bohm’s words:

"It has become urgent that we communicate. We have to share our consciousness and to be able to think together, in order to do intelligently whatever is necessary."

I breath in and out.

And I imagine a world in which we truly listen to one another.

A world in which science is not a body of knowledge, but a holistic process, a journey towards wisdom and wholeness for us all.

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